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Yesterday's Restoration at Historic Harley-Davidson

See 30 different and rare Harley-Davidsons, along with many pictures, tools, and collectibles displaying the store's history, as well as Harley-Davidsons.

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Kansas Oil Museum

Discover the Flint Hills of Kansas in our "Glory of the Hills" exhibit. Learn about farming, ranching and oil in the early 20th Century. Located on 10 acres, the museum offers a 1920's Oil Boom Town, vintage farming and oil equipment, and geology exhibits. There's a building with some old cars too.

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McLeod Farms Antique Museum

Take a stroll down memory lane at the Macs Pride Farm Museum where visiting the past is fun! The museum is home to over 20 antique cars, including a 1920 McLaughlin, 1930 Lincoln, Model T's and Model A's.

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Jim's Antique Motor Co.

Jim's Antique Motor Co. is a living museum for 1954 Ford Crown Victorias, Mercury Sun Valleys, related models and Ford memorabilia. Owner Jim Still has collected and refurbished these vehicles for decades, painstakingly restoring them to a condition that has attracted the attention of national car clubs, car collector magazines and other dedicated hobbyists.

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LeMay Family Collection at Marymount

There's the "big" LeMay Museum which will be opened in 2012 at a new location and then there's the slightly smaller, but no less interesting LeMay Family Collection at the Marymount Event Center showcasing over 500 vintage vehicles - primarily American-made cars, trucks, buses, fire engines, motorcycles, and more. The LeMay Family Collection was started by Harold & Nancy LeMay, was recognized as the largest privately-held collection of vehicles in the world, and it continues to grow.

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D W Correll Museum

Come take a walk into the past or down memory lane at the D.W. Correll Museum. There is something of interest for everyone.

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Afton Station Route 66 Museum

This is a renovated 1930s D-X filling station filled with Route 66 memorabilia and a vintage car collection of David and Laurel Kane. - from a report by Examiner

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Ohio History Connection

Inside this unique structure, the Ohio Historical Society offers visitors a rewarding museum experience of Ohio’s past and an Archives/Library that provides rich resources for genealogists and other researchers. The Center serves as the headquarters for the Ohio Historical Society and is the flagship museum of the Society’s network of over 50 historic sites and museums.

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Estrella Warbirds and Automobile Museum

Adopting a name to memorialize the World War II Estrella Army Air Force Base, that which is now Paso Robles Municipal Airport, the Museum was chartered as a not-for-profit California corporation in 1992.

On July 19th, 2009, The Estrella WarBirds Museum added a new facility, The Woodland Automobile Display Building, which preserves yet another chapter of history, automobile racing.

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Fayette County Historical Museum

Back in the 1930s Connersville was known as "Little Detroit". Famous cars, such as the Auburn and the Cord were built here.

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