North America

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

This museum has over 70 prewar cars in its collection, including many rare and sole-surviving marquee examples. Historic Alaska vehicles, archival movie footage and a large display of vintage photographs showcase Alaska’s early motoring days. The museum also features an extensive vintage clothing collection.

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Transportation Room

Original name: 
Sala del Transporte Automotor

33 cars and 7 motorcycles illustrate the history of automobile in Cuba

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Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection

"Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection offers an exceptional opportunity to see many of the most unique autos ever created! From Limousines once owned by notorious historic figures, to movie cars, to the battered motorcycle Steve McQueen rode to get away from it all, this collection has something for everyone. Whatever era of automobiles may be your favorite - from the muscle cars of the 60's to the classic horseless carriages - Don Laughlin's Classic Car Collection has something for you!"

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National Automobile Museum

Created from the remnants of Bill Harrah's outstanding collection, the National Automobile Museum opened its doors in 1989

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