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STUTTGART, 21 May -- An eye-catching original turns 50: with the 914, Porsche was the first German manufacturer to bring to market a production mid-engined sports car in 1969. To celebrate this anniversary, the Porsche Museum has invited all fans of the two-seater to the “Typically Porsche Day” on Sunday, June 2, at the start of the special show “50 Years of the 914 – Typically Porsche”. Over 120 owners of private 914 models, including from the club scene, will be in attendance.

As well as a range of promotions, visitors to the “Typically Porsche Day” will also be able to enjoy...

Sant’Agata Bolognese, 17/04/2019 - The Lamborghini Museum at Sant’Agata Bolognese has adopted a new look and become MUDETEC, the Museum of Technology. The new interactive space reveals the secrets of Lamborghini and its world through the innovations and tales of excellence that not only revolutionized the company itself, but the entire panorama of the automotive industry, creating concepts and casting foundations for the design and technology of tomorrow.

A program takes visitors on a journey of discovery through the brand and its revolutionary masterpieces: each the result of...

From 7 July to 27 August 2017 the Louwman Museum in The Hague will be hosting a ‘McLaren’ exhibition. McLaren’s numerous victories in Formula 1, Indianapolis, Le Mans and in Can-Am races have established its unparalleled reputation in motor racing. Sixteen McLarens will be on display dating from 1971 to 2016, providing an excellent overview of the glorious years of the British manufacturer of racing cars and high-performance sports cars.
Founder Bruce McLaren started his own racing team in 1963. Three years later saw him entering a Formula 1 race followed in 1968 by the first Grand...

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BRUSSELS, Belgium - 22 November: Thanks to many private owners Autoworld will show +- 40 different models on the mezzanine Floor in Autoworld. Historic cars including a very old Lagonda DP 21/15 (1925). Racing cars and street versions such as the Vantage GT3, recent winners of the Belgian Championship (BRCC 2014) and a Vantage GT4 Gulf. Probably the Aston Martin DBR 4 Formula 1 (1959) will be there as well. Four different coupes with a bodywork by the Italian designer Zagato, including a unique DB 4 GT. Other models that make the visitors dream will be the DB2/4, DB4, DB5 Volante, Vanquish...


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