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Museums in Serbia

Museum of Old Machines "Žeravica"

Milivoj Žeravica (1931-2009) first collected tractors. Then his son Čedomir, made this collection unique in this country, and put it to the level of a respectable collection. It is all made of items collected in nis area, and therefore it is particularly valuable. In the form of permanent exhibition, collected tractors are exposed to public in 1991 in an object built especially for this purpose. The central tractor in the collection is the oldest one in Serbia and wider area “Hart- Parr 30″ from 1920.

Muzej Starih Masina "Žeravica"

The Automobile Museum - Bratislav Petkovic Collection

The Automobile Museum, Bratislav Petkovic Collection, is the newest in a series of technical museums in Serbia. The Museum was founded by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Bratislav Petkovic, the collector and owner of a collection comprising historically valuable cars and arhive material on the domestic history of motoring. The Museum's premises are situated in the Modern Garage, a characteristic monument of the technical culture of its age, itself declared a cultural asset.