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Museums in Slovakia

Auto Museum Kežmarok

Among other exhibitions there is also a part for historic vehicles and firefighting equipment, you can see unique cars and motorcycles, borrowed from members of the Veteran Car Club from Poprad, and firefighting equipment from the collection of the Museum in Kežmarok. Most unique is probably the fire engine Škoda 154 (1929) that is probably the only one of its kind in Europe that is still around.

Auto Museum Kežmarok

Autosport Szilágyi Private Collection

Szilágyi Family started as a Fiat retailer long time ago and also in rally motorsport as drivers. Now they are officials retailers of Abarth vehicles as well. Except a unique Fiat 520 competizione from 1928, you will find mainly Italian cars as Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeos etc. Fiat 520 and few Abarth's can be seen from outside, but there are nearly 40 vehicles in a closed garage.

Autosport Szilágyi Private Collection

Classic Car Museum

Private museum of a local classic car club. Permanent exhibition of cars and motorcycles in the beautiful Classic Car Museum with a stylish music and professional interpretation during the inspection. The museum has a minibar, plasma screen with presentations of oldtimer events, exhibitions of contemporary toys and various awards from the Veterans events. Cars in the museum are varied. There are 14 cars at the moment.


Martin-Priekopa Fire Brigade Museum

in 2014, the Fire Museum opened in the former military warehouses .The museum tour consists except the fire vehicles consist of exposition of horse and hand syringes, an exposition of motor syringes, a department of armaments and equipment, a collection of international uniforms and two expositions of fire engines. The exhibits are located in three different buildings within the complex

Firefighter Vehicles

Motormuseum Halič, Zbrojnica

The salt office in Galicia (Halič) was turned into a museum by Jozef Pročko. Currently, there is a museum on the ground floor, which exhibits objects related to Galicia and the surrounding region. According to Pročko, modest rooms are furnished on the upper floor, which are rented out for a nominal fee. "When we organize events here, such as the Galicia Motor Club or children's events". The collection contains many rarities.

Múzeum Soľný úrad v Haliči