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Museums in Argentina

Automobile Museum Campana (‘Manuel Iglesias‘)

In 1997 an agreement was signed between the Municipality of Campana and the members of the Club del Primer Automóvil for the creation of the Municipal Automobile Museum "Manuel Iglesias". On December 1, 2007, coinciding with the celebration for the 100th anniversary of the construction of the First Argentine Automobile, the new museum was inaugurated at a place where the Municipal Market used to be.

manuel iglesias

Bucci Museum

The Bucci Museum is an act of recognition and gratitude for all those who have been protagonists of the 100 years of Bucci family history in Argentine motor racing. You can see really unique racing cars that were used by the family as Hudson Bucci Bestium, Cadillac 16 C, Bucci Special 1953, Mercedes Benz SL Panamerica, Dogo and Bucci Special 2013 an Argentine super-car, the star of the Buenos Aires Auto Show.


Casa Rosada Museum

The museum, behind the Casa Rosada palace itself, stands on the spot occupied by the original colonial fort of Buenos Aires. It explores the history of Argentina, from colonial times to the present, and houses the remains of the original walls of the former customs house, as well as an acclaimed mural created by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siquieros. It has a collection of more than 11,000 pieces of a heterogeneous nature, that includes personal objects of the Argentine presidents, as well as historical assets and works of art.

Museo Casa Rosada