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Museums in Norway

Anton's Cultural History Center

Anton's Cultural History Center, a nostalgic museum with the main focus in the 50s and 60s, owned and operated by Anton Kåre Drønen, with good help from family and friends. Downstairs there are a number of old vehicles, mostly from the 50s and 60s, and around them you will find history and objects associated with them. On the second floor there is a walk through daily life as it was “some time ago”, and most who have lived for a while will probably recognize themselves in the various exhibitions.


Bergen's Museum of Technology

The Museum is located in a street tramway depot hall in Møhlenpris, some 15 minutes by foot from the city centre. The museum is maintained by groups of volunteers, and features a Gutenberg type print shop, motor cars and commercial vehicles, domestic appliances, a section on telecommunications and a large model railway layout. The main attraction is the tramway line to the city centre, which has been under construction for several years now. Currently the old tramway has an operating museum line of about 300 meters, taking museum guests for ride with the really old street car.