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Museums in Hungary


The outdoor museum located at Budapest Airport showcases the history of Hungarian aviation: an enjoyable, interactive exhibition, from the appearance of the Li-2 to the Tu-154, with 14 aircraft and numerous pieces of ground service equipment - including plenty of interesting Ikarus buses and passenger cars used by the airport in the 1970s and 1980s.

Euro-Ring Collection

Euro-Ring is a privately owned racing circuit in Southern Hungary, 50 km from Budapest. The headquarters feature a selection of microcars (Mochet, Heinkel Trojan, Messerschmitt Kabinenroller etc.) and small motorcycles and mopeds (Jawa, Panni etc.)

Euro-Ring Gyűjtemény

Joe Galamb Classic Vehicle Exhibition Center

Joe Galamb (Galamb József) (1881-1955) a Hungarian-born mechanical engineer was instrumental in the design of the Ford Model T. He went on to bcome the chief engineer of the company after WW1. 

He was born in the Hungarian city of Makó, where his brother opened a Ford dealership in the 1920s. This building has been renovated by a local classic car club, which turned it into an exhibition center - featuring original Galamb memoribilia, an assortment of classic cars - including a Ford Model T -, motorcycles and more. It was opened in Spring, 2024

Galamb József Veteránjármű Kiállítóközpont

Kaáli Museum

A private collection by Professor Géza Kaáli, featuring over 90 motorcycles (almost all Hungarian brands from the 1930s to the 1970s, plus Harley, Zündapp etc.) and around 50 cars, including a 1914 F.N.


Kecel Moto Collection

Árpád Hatvani's private collection of motorcycles was opened in the Summer of 2023. There are 90 motorbikes shown, including Hungarian-made Csepel, Pannonia, BMG, Meray, Mera-Puch, Szabolcs etc. Additionally there is a series of single-cylinder BMWs, bikes from Ex-Comecon countries etc.

Photo is courtesy of Zoltán Ocskay.


KpST Park

KPST park is an open-air attraction of over 700 unrestored cars, trucks, buses all made in former COMECON countries in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.