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Nikola Tesla Technical Museum

Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla
Zagreb's Technical museum and its 60 year tradition proudly follows the footsteps of the great science and technology museums of the world. It is one of the cities' gems. The transportation department offers a chronological journey through the development of water, land, and air transportation. The display predominantly features original items, including the pocket-size submarine Mališan CB-20 from 1943, airplanes from the first half of the 20th century (Bücker Jungmann, Trojka, DAR-9, Aero-3, Thunderbolt..), the popular Samoborček (train) locomotive from 1930, a Dubrovnik tram car from 1912, the motor sled constructed by Zagreb mechanic Marko Knez from 1931, and several old automobiles (the Renault NN from 1926, the Mercedes-Benz S from 1927, and a Hansa from 1939).

Savska cesta 18
10000 Zagreb

+385 1 4844 050