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Museum Mobile

The Audi museum mobile combines historic exhibits with modern presentation forms to produce an exciting symbiosis, making the journey through the past an equally informative and interesting experience. Even the museum’s unusual architecture, which follows the theme of a tree’s annual rings behind its fully glazed facade, symbolically unites permanence and change. State-of-the-art presentation techniques using pictures, presentations and multimedia elements place the numerous exhibits in their historical context and bring the past alive. As well as the company history of the present-day AUDI AG, the museum focuses on the technological progress that took place in the car industry in the last century. The fact that the exhibits are integrated into their specific economic and social surroundings makes the museum mobile far more than merely a technical museum: the museum not only takes visitors on a tour of the entire history of the car, but also provides a fascinating look back at the 20th century with its radical changes.
Opening times: every day from 9 AM to 5 PM. Closed between 3-6 March

Audi Forum Ingolstadt
Auto Union Strasse 1
85045 Ingolstadt

+49 841 8 93 75 75