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Museums in Australia

Geelong Museum of Motoring & Industry

In 2014, a group of dedicated local motoring enthusiasts and community leaders made it their mission to salvage the remaining collection of the Ford Discovery Centre. It was clear that this collection needed a new home that would foster and celebrate Geelong’s rich heritage in motoring and manufacturing. So, the Geelong Museum of Motoring + Industry was born.

Gilbert’s Motor Museum

The Museum was created by the Strathalbyn Tourism Association, with the assistance of volunteers from the community and sponsors. In 2018, the Gilbert family announced that it would be closing it’s business in High Street after 117 years of motoring activity. The site and it’s history made it difficult to modernise for other businesses, but the Strathalbyn Tourism Association recognised it’s potential as a Motor Museum site. The Gilberts supported the idea and made the space available. In August 2019, the front show room was opened

Gippsland Vehicle Collection

"The Gippsland Vehicle Collection provides Gippsland with an outstanding rotating display of interesting vehicles: cars, motorbikes, machinery, historic vehicles, carriages, trucks and auto memorabilia. Our constantly changing range of vehicles ensures a fresh and exciting display for visitors several times a year, year after year. The items on display reflect motoring and transport from horse drawn carriages up to modern racers.

Goolwa Motor Museum

Michael Finnis has up to 45 classic cars on display manufactured from 1920 to 1970 - from Goggo's and Zetas to E37 RT chargers, pacers XK Jaguars and Packhards. Michael found an E38 Bathurst Charger and 34 straight 8 Hudson 6 wheel equipped coupe in sheds. Both of these are now owned by Clem Smith, the owner of the Mallala Race Circuit. - from Classic Cars Australia

Motor Museum of Western Australia

The Motor Museum of Western Australia was officially opened by the Hon, Richard Lewis M.L.A. Minister for Planning & Heritage on April 2,1995 and was dedicated to the late Percy Markam 1913-1994 in appreciation of his contribution to the historic vehicle movement in Western Australia. Displays include period settings, repair workshops, posters and other memorabilia and, of course, the many historic vehicles.

Museum of Fire

"As Australia's leading Fire Museum & Fire Collectibles Shop with over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves on quality and service. The main part of the Museum's large vehicle collection encompasses hand drawn, horse drawn and motorised vehicles dating from the late 18th century up to the 1980s. Many of the great names in the automotive and fire fighting industries from Australia and all over the world are represented in this collection"

Museum of Timeless Memories

A home, a car, a caravan, tricycles for the kids, a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine for mum, a lawn mower, tools and a garden shed for dad – sounds like an picture perfect postcard of postwar Australian domestic bliss? The Museum of Timeless Memories in Sale, tells an archaeological tale of a nation built on hardship, coming of age through consumerism, convenience and a golden age for mass manufacturing. Our Australian heritage and identity is conveyed through a mind blowing private collection of 20th century objects.

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

"The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania's collection of cars and motorcycles is testimony to the exciting history and development of the international automotive industry. Spanning a hundred years of style and technical achievement this impressive collection of traditional and contemporary marques is a "must see" for all who appreciate history, design, engineering and style. Some exhibits are unique to the museum — not to be seen in any other collection. Wander through the rows of opulent and elegant Rolls-Royce, Bentleys, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguars. See the strange and unusual.