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Museums in Czechia

Classic Vehicle Museum Nepomuk

In the farm buildings of the Zelená Hora castle in Nepomuk it is possible to see over a 100 historic vehicles. There are pre-war and post-war motorcycles of Czech and foreign origin, but also you can see cars, bicycles and hundreds of other exhibits. Additional exhibits include a period locksmith workshop with all sorts of tools, engines, model airplanes and cars, a baroque stable and agricultural machinery, historical film footage of motorcycle races, old photographs, authentic posters, advertisements or catalogs and other pieces that will captivate, surprise and entertain.


Ferdinand Porsche Birth House

The house where Ferdinand Porsche was born in 1875 has been owned by Škoda Auto since 2011. Today it belongs to the Škoda Museum. Special attention is paid to Bohemia and the region´s long-standing tradition of excellence in technological development. The modern exposition will interactively engage visitors in learning about the world of technology, rich history and the future of mobility.

Rodný dům Ferdinanda Porscheho

Fire Brigade Museum Přibyslav

In the premises of the renaissance chateau extended and modified in the 18th century. there is a permanent exhibition History of Fire Protection. The 15 halls present the oldest methods of extinguishing, the development of fire brigades since the middle of the 19th century, the development of firefighting uniforms and examples of historical and contemporary technology.

Hasičské muzeum CHH Přibyslav

First Wallachian Motorcycle Museum

The idea to open this museum came from Miroslav Tomanec, a long-time motorcycle collector and motor sports lover from Seninka, who tried to race motorcycles in his youth, and they then remained in his hobby. He began to collect and repair them. Such were the beginnings of Miroslav Tomance's motoring passion, which in thirty-five years has collected almost one hundred Jawa and ČZ motorcycles. He is only interested in motorcycles made in Czechoslovakia.

Industrial Museum, Mladějov

One of the expositions of the Mladějov Industrial Museum is dedicated to a cross-sectional collection of Czechoslovak Jawa and ČZ motorcycles. You can also view the collection of narrow-gauge industrial locomotives,excavators and bulldozers, tractors and other agricultural and construction equipment, but also period strollers. The exhibits are located in the original buildings, including the heating plant and the power plant.

Průmyslové muzeum Mladějov

Ironclad Museum of Military Technology

Ironclad Museum of Military technology exhibits vehicles, equipment, weapons, light equipment, uniforms, models and other artifacts, including the participation of soldiers in UN missions. You will also compare the rank designations and the development of uniforms in time from the Czechoslovak Army to the current Czech Army. You can also see and compare the equipment of individual components of the army, The exhibition is also complemented by thematic video clips and interactive exhibits.

Vojenská technika Ironclad ,z.s.