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Museums in France

André Baster Museum

Located in Riom (Auvergne, France), motorcycles's Baster Museum describes two-wheels's evolution between 1905 and 1985.

This 200m² space devoted to old motorcycles, restaured or in its state, shows a private collection of more than 400 two-wheels nonsuch in France (motorcycles, side-cars, mopeds, scooters, bicycles…)

In an exceptionnal scene, the Museum will send you inside oldies with its posters, enamel griddles, fuel pumps. More than an old motorbikes show, the Museum invites you to be surprised by many little collections inside the big one.

Musée Baster

Atelier Gaston Garino

Gaston Garino, a former employee of the DeDion-Bouton company opened this small exhibition dedicated to one of the earliers French brands in 2013. Photo and details: <A HREF=""></A>

Atelier Gaston Garino

Automobile Museum of Vendée

The Vendée Automobile Museum was founded in 1939 by Gaston Giron. Over 160 vehicles are displayed in a vast 3300 m2 hall - cars, bicycles, motorcycles, carriages etc. The hall is decorated with a remarkable collection of posters and advertisements from the past. The museum also features a reconstruction of the first garage of Gaston Giron, dating from 1929.

Musée Automobile de Vendée

Automobile Museum Valencay

Deriving from the collection of Guignard brothers, the Musée de l'Automobile Valençay traces nearly 80 years of the French automotive industry. There's also an exhibition about The Rallye with archives documents, Remy Duroir's photos, film and some vehicles. In exclusivity you can see the vehicle which participated at the 1996 Paris-Dakar with Pierre Lartigue like driver.

Musée de l'Automobile de Valençay

Chez Manuel - Museum of Popular Art

A very different kind of museum ... housing old cars, toys, tractors, military equipment, gramophones, dolls, and ornaments. Nostalgic memorabilia including old advertisements, one of the very first Michaux bicycles, a Thai rickshaw, a 1947 Plymouth car, a 1924 fire-engine, a Merlin steam machine, a Sikorsky helicopter, a percolator, a Ford Model T, and a whole lot more. It all started approximately 50 years ago.

chez manuel

Citroën Conservatory

With more than 300 pieces, the Conservatoire maintains the largest international collection of Citroën vehicles. Most of them are in perfect condition. Under the metal beams of the main building, the extraordinary fleet of the Conservatory is wisely classified by decades (from 1919 to the 2000s) then by thematic islands: sport, adventure, utilities, unusual vehicles, concept cars and prototypes. Since 2019, a new space has been entirely dedicated to vehicles from the DS AUTOMOBILES range.

Conservatoire Citroën Heritage & DS Heritage