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Report on Musée du Poids Lourd (Museum of Heavyweights)


The Museum of Heavyweights (Museum du Poids Lourd) was set up by a group of local enthusiasts in 1982. After many twists and turns the collection moved to its current location in 2005.

Montrichard lies near a lot of Loire Castles, but this small city doesn't have a castle of its own, just an ancient fortress. If you come from Blois, you can't miss the sign of the museum next to the road.

It's not a professional museum, but a collection set up by enthusiasts. This in no way implies any negative connotations. There are a lot of interesting trucks and lorries. Most of them are restored. Focus is naturally on French brands (Unic, Citroen, Berliet, FAR and many others) but the centerpiece is an American Seagrave fire truck.

If you are in the middle of a castle visiting spree (just as we were back in August :)) this is a nice détour, which you can check out in about 30 minutes.

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