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Packard Museum in Warren features micro cars exhibit


WARREN, Ohio, 31 May - The National Packard Museum has opened an all-new special exhibit: Micro Cars: Mini Wonders. This display runs now through July 10.

The exhibit highlights 19 of the smallest and most unusual cars and trucks built in America and Europe between 1915 and 1984.

First produced around World War I when supply rations were at their peak, micro cars then flourished after World War II as an economical transportation solution when families had very little money to spare.

The exhibit was inspired by museum members, Dick and Evie Best, who have a number of micro cars in their extensive automobile and truck collection. Exhibit curator Bruce Williams was able to locate several more pristine miniature vehicles right here in northeast Ohio.

Among the featured vehicles will be micro cars that were manufactured in Ohio and Pennsylvania including the Cincinnati, Ohio built Crosley, an Athens, Ohio built King Midget and a Bantam built in Butler, Pa. Among the more whimsical vehicles featured is a 1952 Crosley fire truck and trailer and a German-built Messerschmitt.

Also on display will be a 1983 Zoe prototype single passenger, three wheels with front steering, a 1915 Twombly, a 1957 BMW Isetta 300cc and a 1967 Mini Moke.

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