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Visit to RRRollipop Museum in Austria


Eggenburg is a small, rather picturesque village - about an hour's drive from Wien and at the main square it is not so difficult to spot the sign of Rrrollipop cafeteria.

On the way we've seen ads for Oldtimermuseum Koller and also we've been informed the Professor Ehn's famous motorcycle collection has been relocated from Eggenburg to a nearby village, but more on those at another time.

We pay our entry fees and head upstairs. On the way there are old wurlitzers and a room packed with scale models. And then another staircase and at the bottom there's a Velorex - we have arrived to microcar heaven!

According to the official blurb, there are are over 140 vehicles located here. There are mopeds and a lot of different microcars from the locally built Libelle to an Alta, the licence-built Fuldamobil from Germany. I love microcars. So I spend over an hour here, marvelling at the likes of Bond, Mochet, Kleinschnittger, Lohner (mopeds), Zundapp and many, many more.

If you're near Wien, you are strongly advised to visit the <A HREF="">Rrrollipop Museum</A>