Caramulo Museum

Museu do Caramulo
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Two brothers, Abel and João de Lacerda founded in the 1950's, a unusual museum in a small town called Caramulo, situated on a mountain in the center of Portugal with a luxuriant vegetation overlooking an 80 km valley: the vastest panoramic view of the country.
Abel de Lacerda, lover of art, has constructed a building based on the most recent concepts of modern museums so as to exhibit an unusual collection of arte: 500 objects that range from sculptures, furniture, ceramics and tapestries from the roman era to Picasso.
João de Lacerda, great automobile lover, constructs another building next to the first with the intention of exhibiting 100 cars and motorbikes that are easily taken in and out of the Museum for maintenance and demonstrations.
With the premature death of Abel de Lacerda in 1957, the Fundação Abel de Lacerda was created – today Fundação Abel e João de Lacerda – the institution that runs the Museu do Caramulo, with both buildings for Art and Automobiles, open to the public all year round. More than one million visitors have come to the Museu do Caramulo in its fifty years of existence.


Opening times: The Museu do Caramulo is open all year, except on Christmas Eve and on the morning of Christmas day, on the 1st of January, morning of Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

Summer Timetable: from 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM
Winter Timetable: From 10 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5 PM

Rua Jean Lurçat 42
3475-031 Caramulo
40° 34' 11.1684" N, 8° 10' 18.174" W