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Museums in Austria

Artstetten Castle

The Archduke Francis Ferdinand Museum, a Habsburg emperor whose assasination prompted the outbreak of the 1st World War lived in this castle. The museum features a lot of his personal possessions and at the entrance there are two Gräf&Stift cars.

Automobilmuseum Aspang

The charm of vintage cars, technological developments, social changes: the Aspang Automobile Museum is the second largest publicly accessible collection of vintage cars in Austria, with 120 automobiles. The exhibits range from a carriage car equipped with a motor in 1888 to an early electric car. The museum features noble Morgans three-wheelers, Bentleys, Gräf & Stift, entire series from Steyr and Steyr Fiat, cult cars from the "Austro Kaimann Formula Super V" to the beloved and feared GDR vehicle "Trabi". ...

Automotive Museum Austria

Austrias biggest automotive museum, which is close to VIenna which set up by Dr Barnea.
    On an area of 12.000m2 there is a ...
  • Car Exhibition
  • Sports- and exclusive car Exhibition
  • Motorbike, trike, scooter and moped exhibition
  • Bikes and cars for children
  • Aa small militaria exhibition
  • Nostalgic spear parts and equipment exhibition
  • Repair shop anno 1946

Classic Car Museum, Sigmundsherberg

In close cooperation with the Austrian Society for Historical Automotive Engineering (ÖGHK), the history of numerous car brands from the USA and Europe is documented here with the help of over 150 exhibits - lovingly restored or in their original condition - well-known names, many of which can now only be seen in museums, stories and old films.