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Museums in Slovakia

Classic Car Museum

Private museum of a local classic car club. Permanent exhibition of cars and motorcycles in the beautiful Classic Car Museum with a stylish music and professional interpretation during the inspection. The museum has a minibar, plasma screen with presentations of oldtimer events, exhibitions of contemporary toys and various awards from the Veterans events. Cars in the museum are varied.

Martin-Priekopa Fire Brigade Museum

in 2014, the Fire Museum opened in the former military warehouses .The museum tour consists except the fire vehicles consist of exposition of horse and hand syringes, an exposition of motor syringes, a department of armaments and equipment, a collection of international uniforms and two expositions of fire engines. The exhibits are located in three different buildings within the complex

Firefighter Vehicles

Nostalgia Cassovia Oldtimer

This private showroom in Kosice can be visited by appointment. It shows nearly 20 cars, mostly from Czechoslovakia including some Skoda rarities, few motorcycles and two trucks with some memorabilia, bicycles etc Cassovia Oldtimer also organizes a 30 minute mini-train tour around the main street showing the architecture of the city. "Our ambition is very simple... To take you back to the time of your childhood......and let our children understand the time you grew up show them, where their ancestors lived..."

Restaurant Valašský Tavern

"Valašský šenk" opened it's gates in 2007 as a traditional Slovak restaurant. As the owner is a former racing driver he had the idea of showing his collection in the restaurant. You can see plenty of Czechoslovakian motorcycles inside the restaurant in corners and hanged on walls. In the private garage near the restaurant you can see even a bigger collection and memorabilia including Cajka, Skoda cars and a Czechoslovak formula car by appointment.

Transport Museum

The Slovak Technical Museum resides in Kosice. A new subsidiary was set up in 1999 at an old steam-railway station in Bratislava which caters for road transport. The permanent exhibition of road transport features a collection of vehicles ranging from the very first means of transport with and without engines, through bicycles, personal vehicles and lorries of the period between the two world wars, up to the vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s.

Transport Museum Rajecké Teplice

The youngest exposition of the Považský Museum in Žilina is a joint work of the Považský Museum in Žilina and the member of the Slovak Ariel Club. It is located in the building of the Rajecké Teplice railway station.
You can take a walk through the development of transportation from the earliest times to the present day after ringing the bell on the door of the building from the platform. The exhibition, titled From the History of Transport in Slovakia, consists of three parts.

Ariel motorcycles