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Museums in China

Beijing Auto Museum

The museum which was opened in 2011 shows over 80 vehicles centred around there exhibition halls, namely Hall of Innovations, Hall of Development, Hall of Future, and Exhibition of Classical Collection of Chinese Automobile Industry. .

Classic Car Culture Museum of Taiyuan

The Classic Car Culture Museum is the first museum in Shanxi Province with the theme of "memory on wheels". At present, there are thousands of items displayed in the museum. The museum adheres to the old car as a carrier and integrates classic collections, academic seminars, sightseeing tours, popularization of science, simulation experience and patriotism education, and provides a platform for appreciation and exchange for tourists and fellow enthusiasts.


HY Auto Museum

HY Auto Museum was opened in 2017 inside the Mawei Shipbuilding Park, which also houses the China Shipping Heritage Museum. Mostly Western cars are shown (Mercedes, Volkswagen etc.). It is also a venue location and there is a restoration workshop. Photo is from