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Museums in Romania

Dimitrie Leonida Technical Museum

Dimitrie Leonida was a Romanian engineer who founded the country’s first electrical and mechanical engineering school in 1908, and relied on help from the school’s staff and faculty to open the Technical Museum one year later. The museum covers a wide range of topics related to engineering and the physical sciences, including 1960s nuclear power plant technology, gamma spectrometers, horse-powered oil extraction techniques, magnetic and electrical fields, chemistry, mining, telecommunications, and hydraulics.


Tiriac Collection

A new concept in Romania, Tiriac Collection represents the exhibition of cars and motorcycles of Mr. Ion Tiriac. Reopened to the public in May 2015, the collection includes over 150 historical vehicles manufactured since 1899, but also performance cars, with a current design. Visitors will find the only collection in the world with the 6 Rolls Royce Phantom produced until 1972, as well as exhibits that previously belonged to great names such as Sir Elton John, Sammy Davis Jr. or Bernie Ecclestone.