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Museums in Belarus

MVD Museum

"Visit the Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to explore unique materials related to the activities of law enforcement agencies in the Belarusian lands since the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and up to the present days. Numerous archival documents, service weapons and uniforms of different epochs, officers’ service awards and personal belongings, real evidence of solved crimes, weapons seized from criminals – all these items will tell you the story of the most interesting and dramatic events in the history of law enforcement.

Zabroddzie Museum Complex

A few kilometers from Vileyka (Minsk region, Belarus) is the village-museum Zabroddzie. Zabroddzie - is a cozy little village located on the former front lines of World War I, on the banks of the river Narachanka. This village-museum is known far outside Belarus. She is famous for the fact that it is the only Belarusian museum of the World War I. There are old houses and objects of everyday life of Belarusians from the 19th century. Additionally there is a very interesting classic car and motorcycle museum with a few self-made one-off Soviet cars (Samodelki), old German cars