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Museums in France

"Aventure Peugeot" Museum

The museum was founded on the initiative of the association "L'Aventure Peugeot", founded in 1982. Its president, Pierre Peugeot, set his main missions at that time to identify and bring together the different types of manufactured products since 1810 under the Peugeot brand, to take part in events concerning old vehicles or to organize meetings of old cars, in particular.

"Cité de l’Automobile" – National Museum

Considered a jewel among motoring museums - the unique collection at the old Schlumpf Museum is one of the most prestigious automobile museums in the world! The Schlumpf brothers started collecting cars, especially Bugattis in the 1960s. In 1976 they escaped to Switzerland and their collection has been turned into a museum. It is known as the Cite de l'Automobile since 2006. The completely renovated museum offers an exceptional generation of 400 cars that tell the story of the European motor car: from the steam-driver Jacquot Break of 1878 to the Bugatti Veyron of today.

2CV Museum

The Alsace 2CV Club set up this museum in 1998 which illustrate the history of one of the greatest People's Car of all time - the Citroën 2CV. There are a lot of different variants, derivatives and specials - all of them displayed "as is" and the public can see the evolution of the 2CV and its derivatives during the 42 years of production.

Atelier Bernasse

Bernasse was a small bicycle maker in the town of Toucy, which later made other products, like pedal cars and motorcycles. A local association opened a museum, focusing on Bernasse products with the addition of their own classic cars and motorcycles in 2011.