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Museums in Italy

"Motorismo d'Epoca" Museum, Siracusa

The objective of the Motorismo d’Epoca cultural association and its museum is the promotion and the popularization of the history of the automobile and other means of transport. It is a dynamic museum, whose purely exhibit functions are complemented by other complementary cultural activities. The museum oversees the conservation of the vehicles. Some of the historic vehicles exhibited in the gallery are in working order and are used for historic rallies.

"Vite de Vespa" Museum, Pollenza

The private "Vite da Vespa" collection is housed in the Civic Museum of Palazzo Cento.. The museum includes a historical archive on Piaggio and the best known product of the Pontedera group: the Vespa. There are obviously many motorcycles on display: among the rarest a 98 cc, which belongs to the first series from 1946, the Vespa Sei giorni (1951), Acma Militare and a Vespa 400 car.

Agusta Museum

MV Augusta was a famous Italian motorcycle brand. It also produced helicopters - today it is part of AugustaWestland. This museum which was opened in 2002 features various motorcycles, including Giacomo Agostini's championship-winning bikes and a few helicopters, alongside photos, posters etc.

Alfa Romeo History Museum

The Alfa Romeo Museum has been completely renovated and is even more prestigious. The historical site in Arese has a new look and is opened to public with a refined arrangement that reflects Alfa Romeo's distinctive DNA. Six floors of history binding past, present and future and complimenting the achievements of an extraordinary brand, its vehicles, its technology and style.

Anzio Beachhead Museum

The Anzio Beachhead Museum is devoted to the Allied amphibious landing on 22 January 1944, along the coastline between Anzio and Nettuno, in Italy. The museum opened in 1994 for the 50th Anniversary of the landing. It comprises four sections: American, British, German and Italian. The exhibitions feature authentic uniforms, badges, documents, pictures, other artefacts and a few motorize vehicles donated by veteran organisations.