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Museums in Norway

Norwegian Motor Historic Museum

Norsk Motorhistorisk Museum (NMHM – Norwegian Motor historic Museum) was established 1990 as a self owned foundation. Our aim is to preserve and make available for the enthusiast and general public the motor historic development in Norway. The unique collection counts around 400 motorized vehicles and machines, among them a portable steam engine from 1903. About 200 machines are on display - mostly tractors and stationary engines, but also some vintage cars, motorcycles and construction machinery.

Norsk Motorhistorisk Museum

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is Norway's national museum for science, technology, industry, transport and medicine. The museum's objective is to demonstrate the implications of progress in Science and Technology, socially and culturally, through the ages. The museum is an educational institution with collections, exhibitions, publications and other activities, which makes it a place of learning for all.Through its collections and exhibits it chronicles the development of Norway from an agrarian society to a complex industrial society.

Norsk Teknisk Museum

Norwegian Road Museum

"The Norwegian Road Museum provides experiences for all the family. The museum now has a new road history exhibition covering more than 1000 m2 and more than 100 original museum objects. These range from small Viking Age glass beads to a massive 12-tonne excavator! Join us on a journey from the end of the Ice Age through the Viking Age, the Middle Ages and the Age of Union, the start of the modern era and all the way into the future!