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Museums in Poland

Moped Retro Museum

The Moped Retro Museum is an impressive exhibition of vintage moped models. The collection comprises almost 400 exhibits, and around 100 are available for viewing by visitors. Polish and foreign bikes can be seen in the Museum, including models of well-known brands such as Ducati, DKW, Java, Batavus, Honda, Triumph, and Garelli. In addition, the exhibition features accessories from times gone by and stories related to the development of motoring. 

Moped Retro

Motorcycle Museum "Moto Strefa WSK", Świdnik

On September 7, 2013, the History Zone was opened in the city of Swidnik. The permanent exhibition, titled"Świdnik - city of freedom and dreams" is based on five pillars, building the identity of the Świdnica community. These are: aviation traditions, the freedom of the WSK crew in July 1980 and the later history of NSZZ "Solidarność", the production of WSK motorcycles, the success of athletes, as well as socio-cultural life.

Muzeum Motocykli „Moto Strefa WueSKi” w Świdniku

Motoring Museum Wena

This is one of the largest Polish car collections with several hundred exhibits. The collection covers a wide range of automotive history topics - from pre-war vehicles, through all possible models, variants and occasional versions of Polish cars and motorcycles, to modern supercars.
In 2024, the museum will be opened to visitors at a new place

Muzeum Motoryzacji Wena w Oławie

Motorisation and Technical Museum

"The Motorisation Museum was created in 1995 in Otrębusy near Warsaw. At present the collection includes approx. 300 antique vehicles. The oldest vehicle is a US TITAN tractor from 1895. The oldest lorry: Mercedes from 1913. And among passenger cars a FIAT of 1919. Among the exhibits there are passenger cars, lorries, buses, airplanes, perambulators, bicycles, motorcycles and also operating tanks. At present reconstruction works are carried out on several dozens of vehicles, including the famous Polish 7TP tank and the reconnoitring TKS tank. A real rarity is the ZIS convertible of J.

Muzeum Motoryzacji i Techniki