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The new Škoda Muzeum: the brand’s multimedial world of experience


The stage is set for the new ŠKODA MUZEUM in Mladá Boleslav. This completely redesigned showcase for the brand on Václava Klementa street will take visitors on a captivating trip through the company’s history, one that is diverse, interactive and multimedial. It is an exhilarating journey across 117 years of ŠKODA AUTO, illustrated by cars, films, testimonials and document, all of them presented in a modern fashion on more than 1,800 sqm of exhibition space in historic production halls. This is a special kind of museum, not least thanks to its new multifunctional Laurin & Klement Forum and its modern VÁCLAV café-restaurant. The entire refurbishing took about nine months.

Located at the origin and the home of the company, the new ŠKODA MUZEUM presents fascinating highlights of one of the most tradition-rich carmakers in a wholly new fashion. Besides its products, this involves individuals and their very personal ŠKODA stories playing a leading role again and again. The new museum also features a special note thanks to the new “Laurin & Klement Forum” and the “VÁCLAV” café-restaurant. A multifunctional space for almost all kinds of events, the “Laurin & Klement Forum” is one of the most modern venues in the Czech Republic.

Visitors can dive deeply into the history of the brand thanks to three topical zones with 46 historic vehicles, several hundred individual exhibits as well as period films, photos and documents. The designers of the new museum had more in mind than merely creating new exhibition space, and so they assembled a mass of content highlights, provided a clear structure to the exhibition and enabled a modern, interactive transfer of knowledge. The museum’s exterior has given the historic building a stunning new appearance, and the high quality of workmanship and precision in execution is a testament to the brand’s tradition.